Saturday, January 07, 2006

Tough cookie or addicted shopoholic

I went to the semi-annual Louis Boston sale today, fifteen hours after five of my teeth were pulled out. I know, I know. It's a lot of teeth. I always believe that short pain is not as bad as long pain, so if they need to remove five teeth, I prefer doing them altogether. Unfortunately I had a history of passing out whenever I got a shot or had my blood drawn, so my kind dentist had to use extra Novocain on me and took his time. After more than three hours of struggle with the tough teeth, I couldn't speak but wrote down one question to my dentist: Can I go shopping tomorrow?

The answer was yes. And I had a big grin with my numb mouth. Even if it was a no, I would still go. Look, sale, especially the Louis Boston sale, has been like a ritual to me. Twice every year, I will be lined up with thirty to forty men and women in front of the store entrance waiting for the opening.

I was in equally tough situation last year. I had just had surgery on both of my pinky toes before the sale. I took a cab and went shopping in the middle of a snow storm. People said that I was a tough cookie. The truth is that I would regret so much if I was too late to grab that fabulous item I've been waiting for months. In this case, shopping always takes priority.

It turned out to be a good day. I got a pair of Neil Barrett ankle boots and a Mansharey washed leather jacket despite the dizziness from the pain killers. Don't worry, I brought hubbie just in case I made any insane decisions. Luckily he liked both.


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Anonymous said...

touch cookie :)
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