Sunday, January 01, 2006

New year gift - my long waited Chanel sweater

I wrote an article back in October about an Elle-Chanel styling event I attended. I ordered a sweater at the event, but I didn't receive it until last Friday.

The sweater actually came in a couple of weeks ago, but I never received a call from my SA. I went to the store to inquire about the Paris-New York collection. Accidentally, I saw the top, in my size, hanging in the sales section.
Here it is, my long waited sweater.

Sweaters with stripes are such classic must-haves. Although we see them everywhere, Karl Lagerfeld brought the classic look to a whole new level. The sweater has extra long sleeves to be bunched up, the flower pins add classic Chanel charm, and the pockets on the front are quilted like a classic Chanel bag. The stripes are not pure black. They are charcoal grey stripes with brown stripes under to create a little shadow effect and make the color contrast less sharp and more sophisticated. A sweater with stripes is such a classic, but the little details make this sweater stand out.
Chanel Sweater - Jing's Fashion Reviews

Chanel Sweater - Jing's Fashion ReviewsChanel Sweater - Jing's Fashion Reviews


Danielle said...

cool! but for some reason I want to snip that corsage off of it... yet I *l o v e* those x-long sleeves!

JR1 said...

lovely! your so lucky, I want to play with the sleeves hehe