Friday, August 01, 2008

FW08 - Have the shoe designers gone too far?

The biggest let down from the FW08 collections is the shoe design. It looks like everybody has caught the disease "ugly". Just when you think that Prada has been doing ugliness for too long, others followed.

Yes, those are Pradas. Which kind of lettuce is it?
I've seen the short boots in person. They look very futuristic, but they weigh a ton. The big block of stone-like things on the heels are actually made of rubber. Each shoe probably weighs 10lbs. If you have skinny legs and need to built more muscles, get them.Those are Rick Owens. No more comments from me. The picture speaks for itself.
Yves Saint Laurent. I can tell that they are from the Tribute style, but they are not balanced. Clunky is an understatement.

So what do you think? Ugly or avant guard?


S said...

I sore those Prada shoes in a shoot here in Sydney teamed with the Prada Body suit (which I think think is actually pretty slick)...Its a no brainer...avant ugly!

Jing said...

I really like your word - avant ugly it is!

Anonymous said...

i love the ones mko is wearing they're YSL not rick though

i kinda wanna get them myself

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