Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I'm back!

I can't believe how long I have not updated my blog! My apologies!

A few updates from me...
First of all, the financial market has not been doing well and that explained my busy work schedule.

...and my husband and I just purchased our condo in North Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY!

I have not shopped much (if at all) in the past months due to the home purchase. But that doesn't mean I no longer care about fashion. Quite on the contrary, I have just had my custom closet built and started tring different styling with my existing pieces. That's actually a lot of fun.

So I'm back, and I'll keep updating. Stay tuned, my friends!


yueguhu said...

congrats on the home purchasing. Looks like NYC's housing market is dropping too?

mrtimekiller said...

Welcome Back!! Congrats on all the changes in your life. Can't wait for your next entry.

Jing said...

Thanks guys! yueguhu, I believe that it is dropping a bit. But NYC is being NYC and I'm still seeing foreigners buy apartments with cash (cash!!!). So now I feel that I'm below the poverty line. lol.
Thanks mrtimekiller!

lenno-cornish said...

I'm fond of fashion and I always learn the latest infomation about what is happening in this sphere. Your blog is of great interest for me.

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