Wednesday, August 23, 2006

That piece of rubbish to you is treasure to me

I like to go to sales, especially the big, competitive ones. Apparently I need to be in the right mood to go, but it's always interesting experience to look at how different people pick out clothes based on their first instinct. It means shopping is dependent on personal style and one has to make a decision within a second. In this kind of extreme situation, a piece of rubbish to you might be treasure to me, and vis versa.
I went to the Barneys Warehouse sale last night. It was crowded, but not as bad as I expected. Still, girls were changing in front of guys and people were looking at the clothes on other people's bodies. Some girls wouldn't look at anything above $100, some ran straight to pick whatever Marc by Marc Jacobs items they could see, and others looked at those amazing Lanvin pieces then grabbed them without hesitation. Girls go to those sales with their own missions.
I was looking for THE Rochas suit that the talented Olivier presented on the Spring 2006 runway show. Unfortunately my size was not available, but I saw a Rochas A-line skirt at a little forgotten corner. The shape is simple yet the fabric is so different. It's a mix of linen, silk, and a kind of material I've never heard of. It's very muted yet beautiful. With all the respect to the designer I got the skirt. It belongs to me.
Then I thought about it. How many people tried it on before? How many people saw it at the Warehouse Sale? It eventually ended up coming to my wardrobe. Isn't it like a kind of unknown connection between us? I really want to share my experience with you, because I am sure that kind of joy, like how you feel at the moment you found the one in your life, hits you once a while, too. Right?


mineta_barok said...

eip, i dont personally know you.. but i found out about this blog of yours wen surfng about fashion spot.. well, i cudnt make it to registrtion (whch is the frst base) as i was hoping to join the community.. no big deal.. i onli want you to know that i'm from overseas, the philippines, yet i get the vibes that im not as weird as i thought. people in my city are way close-minded and ignorant wen it comes to dressing, more so.. fashion.. urrggghhh.. im an addict of secondhand clothes.. sales.. sales sales.. uhhmm.. this kinda is funny knowing how intense shopping in sales in yur area gets.. i thot the fever for geting the cheapest treasure from top brands is evident onli from thrd world countries like the philippines.. hehehehehe.. knowing that people from wer you cme from are more well-off than us hir.. hihihi. im sumhow relievd to find out im not the onli one obssessed with polka dots. two friends of mine said harsh things about my polka tights.. (i bought it from a vintage shop downtown; it onli cost 70 pesos)i was kinda offended knowing how biased they wer. to think, she's not evn close to being a fashion icon or something. i hate stupid girls hu onli dress up for the kill.. i mean, they buy oh so mediocre style clothing. they thnk they're better jaz bcoz wat they dress is on common ground.. the ones mostly seen on tv and popular mags.. yup those common mags. it dsnt impress me. they hu like vintage but misuses the term creativity and originality. oh well, im getting emotional. well, heck.. ill be reading mor of yur blogs next tym.. in hope to get relation wd my own saga.. FAshion hunt.. trend setting.. i am mineta imperial.. i am not grandiose.. but i hav an eye for fashion evn in this little niche wer i belong.. NAGA CITY.

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