Friday, August 11, 2006

A little knowledge about fabric

Remember the overpriced miu miu dress I mentioned in the previous entry? I was wondering why they couldn't use silk but polyester. An expert at the Fashion Spot explained to me:

The skirt has a certain kind of embossed texture on it--you need heat to make this permanent and so polyester is the way to go! It just doesn't work like this with natural fabrics, unless you do a different way... like maybe embroidery to create embossed prints.

So now I know why. It's probably very difficult to make the pattern...but I still think that the dress is overpriced. I've seen similar dresses before, and they were not THAT expensive. The point here is though, I've just learned something:)


Three Repute said...

limited too is selling skull scarves now. awful.

Elsa said...

I love the fashion spot. There are plenty of non-insiders on it, but you can really get some great information from those who work in the field or follow fashion closely! Interesting post.

toyswholesle said...

I'm doing a paper about the merchandise liquidation and got this post. Its not where I was looking for but it is a good article for my Finance class... Very professional blog.

giuseppe said...

oh hello Caffeine!
That was me (Gius) who was speaking about polyester and silk. Long time no see