Tuesday, June 13, 2006

A new home on the Upper East

My husband Rob and I finally moved and settled down in our new place. It's a lovely duplex with a small yard, and we love the neighborhood. We got a chance to walk around the shopping area in midtown, and Rob bought a few shirts for his new job.

My new discovery though, is Fendi. I never got a chance to look at their clothes closely because nobody sells Fendi in Boston. Now that I looked at them and tried them on, I found that Fendi's ready-to-wear is actually fairly priced compared with other major fashion brands. I consider it a "value stock/brand". I picked up a few thing there, and I'm very happy with them.

I have to run now, but I promise to update my shopping experience at Fendi ASAP. I just want to thank everybody who are so supportive to our move. Also thank you for leaving the warm messages on the blog. I'm back to my normal schedule now, and the new stories are coming. Stay tuned:)

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