Thursday, May 11, 2006

Hello New York!

My husband and I are moving to NYC. It's exciting. I guess that I will change my profile after we move there, and I am sure that I'll have more to write about. Stay tuned:)


Anonymous said...

Congrats! It is very nice to hear that you are moving to NYC. It has been quite long time not to read your blog, finally I got to check it again today and saw this good news. Can't wait to see more fashion from you after moving to NYC.:)

Good Luck with your moving!


JordonA said...

Moving to New York seems like great fun! I wish you the best of luck even though I'm new to reading this blog.

Anonymous said...

welcome to new york!

Anonymous said...

I really like your blog! Nice posts. Keep it up!

Jing said...

Thank you guys! I'm too busy to write articles recently, but I am hopeful that new articles will be out in 2 weeks. Thank you for all wishes...:)


Jennifer said...

p.s. love your blog

Elaine said...

Hey Jing, congratulations! you will love it. My husband and I made the big move a year ago from boston, and it is so sososososo great to be here. shopping will overwhelm you. mark my words.

leyla said...

hi caffeine,
wish i was with you in NY when you just got there. we could have gone to all the fun exhibits together.!!
see you back on tFS