Sunday, February 05, 2006

Designer Agendas

I had thought about getting a designer agenda for a long time but never bought one. With the Outlook in my computer at work keeping track of everything, a designer agenda seemed unecessary. When I recently changed my job, however, I realized how important it is to keep my personal contacts and activities in a personal book that will follow me forever. Digital technology brought us all the efficiency and convenience, but when it comes to unexpected changes or a system crash, the old fashioned paper and pen system appears to work better. So I decided to get an agenda and return to the old fashion.

I always used agendas to organize my life since I was a kid. My parents always gave me those free agendas from conferences and business gifts. They normally only worked for only a couple of months and then were replaced by new free agendas. This time though, I need a really nice agenda that I plan to use for the years to come.

There are a few designers who offer nice agendas: Coach, Kate Spade, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Smythson, and Hermes.

Coach, Smythson, and Hermes don't use ring agendas. Instead, they offer agenda covers and secure the refills by the pockets inside of the covers. I was told that Hermes agendas start from $1,800, so it was out of consideration. Maybe I will get one when I am one of those C_Os.

I prefer something classy and I always think that showing a logo product in public is embarrasing. I failed to find a logo free agenda at Chanel, and I was told that the agenda market was shrinking so they only produced agendas in selected product lines. Kate Spade agendas are mostly colorful from the tabs to agenda covers. I would have loved to get one if I was in college, but apparently it's not something appropriate if I need to bring it to conference rooms.
I saw the most variety of agendas at Louis Vuitton and some of them are very decent. Epi, Suhali, and Taiga agendas are all good choices to me. I am especially fond of the Suhali agenda because of the details and the lack of logos, so I ordered one with plum color. Although the LV refills were sold out, I was able to find a set of Franklin Covey refill with pastel lanvender flowers. The lanvender and the plum work perfectly together.

Louis Vuitton Suhali Agenda

Louis Vuitton Taiga Agenda

Coach Agendas (

Kate Spade Agndas (


Beijing Baby! said...

LV agenda's are nice. I really like the white vernis monogram one though.

Do you think you have examples of Chanel agenda's? Their site is not big help lol

Jing said...

unfortunately I don't. It's an agenda with a huge logo on it:( you know how much I hate logos :-p

Beijing Baby! said...

Ah that's cool^^
Actually I don't mind logo's so much, I might go to the boutique and check it out.

Thanks for the info jing^^

a girl named Rock. said...

The pink Kate Spade is beautiful. It would definitely be my choice.

Anonymous said...

The standard hermes agendas don't cost that much (i think mine was 600 or 800 a few years ago?) just stop by the hermes store across from bliss and next to St. John. They have a nice selection and have always been wonderful when I have shopped there.

PopCulture said...

I agree with you. If we buy their products, why should we also advertise for them too. So, sharing a similar dislike for logos, I chose a sleek black planner from coach.

What do you think about the crocodile leather products? The trend seems to be picking up speed.

Best Wishes!