Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Best news in the past months!

EUR (Euro) to US Dollar now is trading at 1.2856:1

That means all fashion goods made in Italy and France will see falling prices! Remember when Sex & The City just started showing, Manolo Blahniks were merely $300+ a pair? Now I see hope! Let's just try very hard to keep our jobs during this ugly recession and then we'll be able to enjoy the fashion heaven for the years to come!
SS09, or FW09 will be priced better. Or at least I hope! Unless houses like Chanel still raise prices relentlessly without any reason. In that case, I might just travel to Paris to get Hermes instead! Businessmen in Europe be aware!


S said...

I'm heading to New York this Christmas, on the Australian dollars current exchange!

Chanel will always screw us on price but we like it that way!

Jing said...

S, let's find out! it doesn't make much economic sense for Chanel to do so. Tomorrow it is!