Sunday, October 01, 2006

Heels and a whole new perspective

Have you ever tried doing housework in heels?

It's probably routine for you, but it's totally new experience to me. I just purchased a pair of Alexander McQueen heels I was eyeing on for a long time (that's a totally different story, and I promise to tell you later), and I decided to break them in before their debut in public due to the heel height: four and half inches with a half inch of built-in platform.

I felt nice and tall the second I put them on. Then I walked around to do my routine. Things looked different. With my 5' 8.5" new height, I saw everything in our living room from a higher perspective. The chairs were low, the shoe boxes on the top shelf were easier to reach, the further away the door knobs were, and I found the sink so low that I had to bend over very hard to wash off the facial mask on my face. Were the furniture made for migits?

I felt like living in a different life. I suddenly wondered how my husband felt everyday. The skirts falling on my knee probably looked like falling on mid calf. My hair maybe looked totally different from high above. We're preparing our daily looks from our own perspective, but what do other people see from different angles? Growing up, I adjusted my own perspective to this world gradually and I never felt any changes. Now that I am in my four and half inches of heels, the world seems different.

So if you have not tried wearing heels around the house, give it a try, and let me know how you feel. It's different, isn't it?


ZAMB said...

ive always imagined the world from other angles, almost like the princples of perspective in drawing

i wont wear the heels though (HA, HA )

Sarah said...

That's funny, I'm exactly 5'8".5 so you saw things how I would if I were barefoot, haha.

Sabine said...

J'aime prendre de la hauteur grâce aux talons, je trouve que ça donne de l'allure(à condition de savoir marcher avec, of course!)

dr said...

i would love to see u walking around your home in high heels and little else :-)