Monday, July 10, 2006

Competitive shopping

Shopping can be a very competitive activity. Excited by the new Balenciaga website (, I visited the store located on W. 22nd street on Friday. I was hopeful that I could find some leg lengthening pants from the Pants capsule collection, but the trip turned out to be very disappointing. The selection was so little that the store looked like an interior design display with some nice clothes as background: most of the pre-fall items featured in the look books were reserved long time ago and therefore never made the way to the floor.

My SA also informed me that for small sizes, such as French 36, they only bought one for each style. With a city full of stylish and slender women, how is it going to work?

It's is exactly what Balenciaga wants. It makes the individual who pays big bucks to buy the cloak feel somewhat special. But for the unfortunate second place, Ouch.

I was kicking myself for taking too much time thinking before I tried to place an "early" order. Too bad, the SA said, there are three people ahead of you.

I've learned my lesson. I'll call the boutique the morning right after the Paris show in September and put my name down. I might not be able to buy and afford everything, but at least I need to place my name on the waiting list early enough to make sure I have a chance.

There is a game, and let's play.


Three Repute said...

you cant hesitate. if you find something you love and you dont get it...when you return it will likely be gone. then the thought of what if haunts you, oh we are cursed with good taste.

Jing said...

I's such a pain. I hesitated on a Rochas suit, then it's gone before the next sale mark down. well, it's probably not meant to be......

Elsa said...

oh my gosh -- i am in the same boat with the small sizes. i can't believe the new york store only orders 1 of each item in 36! that's crazy! do you have any other tips for acquiring clothes from diff designers in small sizes? do you use tailors often?

we need to make a trip to paris...or italy...or better yet, asia probably!

but don't worry, i won't compete with you for spring 2007 balenciaga. (i'm a student and don't quite have the means yet to order straight from the runway) ;)

Jing said...

Hey Elsa,
I'm glad to hear about your situation...we are indeed on the same boat...I thought that I complained too much already, but the fact is that American designers are making clothes bigger and bigger these days, and I hate it. I try not to use tailors often unless it's a key piece...tailors are so expensive in America, and they don't necessarily do a good job.
What I am doing now is to mostly wear skirts, so if they are too big they will just hang on my hips. The best fit pants are from Theory and even Balenciaga's pants need alteration (the tailor told me that Balenciaga wants to make sure 6' girl with a bigger waist can wear the same RTW pants, so they have to make the waist large pants LONG.
I rarely wear fancy tops as most of them are too large...I just wear a jcrew tank often times with a cardigan. Sweaters are easier to manage, IMHO.
Suits...have to be tailored...
Jeans...the only category that is guaranteed to find the best fit. It just takes time.
So, that's my experience:)

Anonymous said...

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Ooh la love... I actually reviewed that store for Citysearch - it IS sparse... But pretty. Blends in with all the art galleries around.

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