Sunday, April 16, 2006

Dior Gaucho pumps & tips to make heels comfy

I was so amazed by the details on the pumps when I saw them on runway. Months later, here they are on my coffee table.
They are comfortable shoes, but it takes some tricks to make them the shoes to wear shopping for hours. Those are the things I always add on:
1. Power soles. Leather sole can't take much walking, and a layer of rubber takes them long way. Most of the shoe repair shops do that for you, but you need to ask for beige rubber sole if the shoes are in lighter shades.
2. Pads on forefeet. They reduce the impact on the ball of the feet. You can find them pharmacies such as CVS.
3. Pads on the back of the pumps. Pumps tend to slip on your heels, especially when they are slightly large. The little pads at the back of the pumps will secure the heels and avoid blisters.
All those "add ons" will cost about $30, but the return is priceless.


Linda said...

You've got such good taste.

Fashion Critic said...

wow, those are stunning!

Jen @ Plus Sizes blog said...

I love your shopping blog - keep on posting!

Perfume Chic said...

THe pumps are drop dead wow.

Anonymous said...


I seen the Gaucho pump in the sling back form in London heathrow duty free...i haven't been able to locate the sames anyones anywhere or online.

Have you seen them about? The ones in London were unfortunately a size 40 where i am a 36!