Monday, March 20, 2006

Balenciaga FW '06 - Skyrocketing price v.s. a semi-couture collection

Nicholas Ghesquiere is officially my favorite designer after another solid collection showed in Paris a couple of weeks ago. The Balenciaga FW 06 collection is the fruit of his research on Cristobal Balenciaga's archives, and it showed Nicholas' modern interpretation of Balenciaga women.
After appreciating the looks for weeks, now it's time for us to face the reality and see how much those semi-couture pieces cost. I will list some looks and the prices below...honestly I am itchy on some of them but I am not sure if the prices are justified compared with the spring '06 collection. Let me know what you think.
Look #11
Jacket $2,995 (double sided); Top $2,675; Skirt $1,285
Look #14
Top $1,160; Pants $890 (Satin lined wool pants)
Look #15 $1,650 (one piece)
Look #18
Jacket $1,975
top $1,685
Look #23 $15,000 (!!!) - the material is specially made for Balenciaga
Look #24 $2,919
Look #25 $4,700
Look #32 $990
Look #35 $4,375

Look #37 $4,695


Anonymous said...

Out of all the looks, I think the dress in Look #15 is the only one that is worth it. I also like the first jacket but the dress seems more seasonless. I wouldn't pay over $1k for a top.

Jing said...

we like the same dress! :-) It was my favorite in the collection considering the clothes and the price.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

Anonymous said...

I'll admit these are beautiful clothes, and I too, am a huge balenciaga/ghesquiere fan but something about overpriced clothes that only a relative few can afford and enjoy does not sit right with me.
I wish he does a more accessible line, that can touch more people - i.e. actually be able to buy and wear, rather than salivate at media images knowing it is oh... so out of reach!

Anonymous said...

This is quite an exspensive collection (even more so than last season althought understandable for a fall collection). The prices are a bit out there eh?

Balenciaga does have a cheaper line, it's reissues of past best sellers, a "greatest" hits collection if you will. It's more basic items to build a wardrobe with. It's like $400-600 for a sweater, $200-400 for pants, much more affordable. I haven't heard much about it recently actually and have no idea where it is being sold.

Anonymous said...

So are you getting anything from this collection? :) I like your blog, I do agree with what some-one else said you seem to do your own thing, your style is a bit here a bit there-fro junya to dior that's the way it should be tfs is sometimes a bit caught up in the stupid so-called 'eliteism' of fashion you know, if you are a true fashionista you should like ONLY avant garde designers! such bull!! Keep doing what you do! xx