Thursday, September 08, 2005

Fall/Winter 2005 Fashion Must-haves

What are the must-haves in the coming fall and winter? How can I wear them? Where can I find the trendy pieces without breaking my budget? How can I make a good plan before I rush into the shops making lots of impulsive purchases? You will find the answers here.
There is also a table at the end of the article with the ten must-haves along with the web links to help you shopping. The web links will bring you either to the exact items or the designers’ website in case they do not offer online shopping. The table is also organized by price range so that you can pick and choose based on your budget. There are rooms on the right hand side of the table for you to fill in the number of the items and the price of them, and you can use it as your little budget book.
One last thing: remember to leave some room for the impulsive shopping! We girls do that all the time, don't we? Enjoy!
  1. Prada - Jing's Fashion Review - Fashion Commentary and ReviewsBlack
    As seen in Prada
    Style tips: Everybody is saying “Black is the new black”, but don’t interpret it literally. In this winter you need to wear something somber but not sad. If you have to wear black head to toe, try to reveal a little skin or change the texture of the material. Feel free to pair black with brown, navy, or other rich and dark colors for a more relaxed look. No new purchase required if you already have lots of black in your wardrobe.
  2. Boots
    · Lace up boots
    As seen in Michael Kors and Dior Christian Dior - Jing's Fashion Review - Fashion Commentary and Reviews
    Style tips: They are always the “trend’ in every winter, so everybody needs them. If you got a pair from the past seasons, congratulations. Watch out your whole outfit to make sure it is not too much – you might end up looking like the actress in the Matrix!
    · Slouchy boots
    As seen in Marc by Marc Jacobs and Chloe
    Style tips: Most of the slouchy boots come with very high heels (at least four inches). Make sure you can walk in them before you hand in your credit card! Look at the Marc by Marc Jacobs runway pictures - how important the tights are! Slouchy boots are nice for the day and relaxed events, but they are not polished enough for a nice party. Try to wear croc boots or velvet boots instead.
  3. Chain bags
    As seen in Chanel 2.55 reissue and Marc Jacobs
    Style tips: Don’t buy cheap chain bags as the cheap chain will destroy your whole outfit. Chain bags are normally heavier; so make sure you are comfortable with it.
  4. Coats Balanciaga - Jing's Fashion Review - Fashion Commentary and Reviews
    · Loose fitting
    As seen in Marc Jacobs
    Style Tips: Avoid it if you are petite. Definitely clinch your waist to avoid a boxy look.
    · Military style coats
    As seen in Balenciaga and Michael Kors
    Style tips: Make sure the shoulders fit. You might not be able to move freely if the armholes are too high. Wear with skinny pants to give it a leggy look. Check the whole outfit and make sure you don’t look too tough.
    · English style
    As seen in Burberry.
    Style Tips: Some people tend to be overwhelmed in tweedy English plaids. For petite girls, the length is the key. The hem should fall above the knee. For curvy girls, the contrast between the shoulder line and the waistline will show your feminine curves.
  5. Lady like suits Roland Mouret - Jing's Fashion Review - Fashion Commentary and Reviews
    As seen in Alexander McQueen and Roland Mouret
    Style tips: The suits in this season are a lot more constructed. If you don’t want to look too serious, wear separates and mix & match with other pieces. Definitely wear the lady like items from last year, but don’t look too sweet: even Marc Jacobs gave up the candy pink! When you shop for pencil skirt, make sure it fits yet comfortable. Try to sit down to make sure it gives you room on your stomach and butt. Walk for a while to make sure you can walk in your natural speed. A well-constructed designer suit will last for years, and the fit definitely looks superior to mass-produced brands.
  6. Pants Chloe - Jing's Fashion Review - Fashion Commentary and Reviews
    · Skinny pants
    As seen in Balenciaga
    Style tips: Wear with your highest pumps.
    · Slouchy pants
    As seen in Chloe and Proenza Schouler.
    Style Tips: Avoid it if you are petite. Call for fitted tops such as a shirt, a turtleneck, or a sharp v-neck sweater. Wearing matching jacket will give you a Hepburn look, but make sure to wear a pretty scarf or a Victorian style shirt to add a little feminine feeling.
  7. Flats Marc Jacobs - Jing's Fashion Review - Fashion Commentary and Reviews
    As seen in Marc Jacobs
    Style Tips: The new flats have more sophisticated looks. Marc Jacobs used Python skin in the latest flats with extra padding as insole. The new flats are more comfortable than ever. Besides wearing with skirts and dresses, skinny jeans & flats are the new trendy combo as well.
  8. Velvet.
    As seen in Peter Som
    Style tips: Velvet has been popular in last winter because the jewel tone helps you to look polished and refined. A velvet suit or dress will make you stand out in your evening events. Pay attention to the material when you shop for velvet. Silk velvet with good quality is a lot more expensive than cotton velvet but it feels softer, looks richer, and lasts longer.
  9. Victorian style blouse Oscar de la Renta - Jing's Fashion Review - Fashion Commentary and Reviews
    As seen in Chloe.
    Style tips: You can wear it with a blazer, a waistcoat, or just the blouse. The silk or silk & cotton shirts are more breezy and they tend to fit better. Pure cotton shirts might be too stiff for this style. If the blouse is see-through, add a nude or creme color camisole underneath.
  10. Wide belts
    As seen in Yves Saint Laurent and Proenza Schouler.
    Style tips: The belts in this season are wide to make a stronger definition and add more power in your lady like looks. Some designers also showed sashes, but it is not that easy to pull off for the day.

I made a table to help you shopping. The table will help you locate your must-haves and work as a budget book for you. Click here for the Excel table (with hyperlinks) or click here for the PDF table.


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